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Federation Studios Acquires GO-N Productions

Date: 2023-09-29

Federation Studios Acquires GO-N Productions

Established by Anne de Galard and Eric Garnet, French animation production company GO-N Production is now owned by Federation Studios, for an undisclosed amount. By: Dylan Low

GO-N Production, founded in 2004, is popular for its animated series Simon Paper Rabbit, Lou! Zip Zip and Tootuff, which were all created in-house in Paris. Its producers, De Galard and Garnet have won a Cartoon Tribute and Producer of the Year at the latest edition of Cartoon Forum in Toulouse.


GO-N Production joins Federation Studio’s list of 35 production companies globally now. Today, with GO-N’s collection of 11 series compiling 250 half-hours of quality animation, Federation Kids & Family catalogue now contains more than 730 half-hours of animation and live action programmes. This makes part of Federation’s kid catalogue that includes content from Cottonwood Media and various third-party acquisitions. 


Garnet and De Galard have announced a joint statement saying, “GO-N has been creating premium animation for almost 20 years, and in the next stage of our company’s evolution is to take things to a whole new level. Our main focus has been on content and talent, extending our programmes to young audiences worldwide, while also highlighting French expertise.


“In joining the Federation group of companies, we are aligning ourselves with other producers who share the same values and aspirations. This move will bolster our international development, and allow us to produce increasingly ambitious and original content in terms of target demographics, formats and animation techniques.


“We move into the next phase with our entire team, including Emmanuel de Franceschi, Executive Producer and Amélie Oliveau, Digital and marketing manager.”


Pascal Breton, the CEO of Federation Studios said, “With the arrival of Anne and Eric, two of Europe’s most talented producers, along with their well-known kids’ brands, Federation is on track to accelerate its investments and attract top talent and IP, and build a true federation of European animation producers, as we’ve already achieved in the field of drama.”


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