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Cyber Group Studios and CMC Global to Launch Gigantosaurus Merchandise in the Middle East

Date: 2023-10-03

Cyber Group Studios and CMC Global to Launch Gigantosaurus Merchandise in the Middle East

Cyber group studios, has named CMC Global, also known as P@P, licensing agent for Gigantosaurus in the Middle East. With the new partnership, Dubai (UAE) will oversee the development of the licensing business across the region. By: Wee Yan Ling

Distributed by Cyber Group Studios

Paris (France) and Dubai (UAE) - Fans can expect an array of merchandise that will aid in bringing out the show’s adventures to the real world. This is due to the success of Gigantosaurus in the Middle East on Disney+, Netflix, Majid and Disney Junior. 

The Gigantosaurus toy range is the result of the partnership between the brand’s master toy licensee United Smile and Cyber Group Studios.

Mr. Camille Madi, Chief Operating Officer at CMC Global, said: "We're thrilled to join forces with Cyber Group Studios, United Smile, and iBrand Me to launch the Gigantosaurus licensing program across the region. This beloved global preschool favourite brims with tremendous potential. We eagerly anticipate making Gigantosaurus toys available and bringing joy to children."

Adored for the enthralling storylines and beautiful visuals, Gigantosaurus has garnered impressive honors such as the Pulcinella Award for Best TV series, Common Sense Media Award, and National Parenting Award. 

Boasting global sales with more than 600,000 copies, the animated series was adapted from Jonny Duddle’s book. The animated series immerses viewers in the exciting escapades of four youthful dinosaurs as they embark on a journey to explore their world, confront their fears and tackle challenges. The production had incorporated over 40 authentic dinosaur species and carefully crafted flora and fauna to reflect the prehistoric era. 


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