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Jack Neo Announces Trilogy Movie to Money No Enough

Date: 2023-10-04

Jack Neo Announces Trilogy Movie to Money No Enough

Jack Neo, known as Singapore’s most commercially successful filmmaker for two decades, is set to direct and produce Money No Enough 3, the second sequel to his oldest film franchise. By: Dylan Low

SINGAPORE -This comedy film will be the inaugural project of HiJack pictures, a joint production company run by Clover Films and Neo’s J Team Productions. Neo has officially directed or starred in nine of the top ten local movies of all time. 

Money No Enough 3 will feature the three recurring stars from the original film, Mark Lee, Henry Thia and Jack Neo himself. The sequel depicts financial issues and problems faced by Singaporeans, from young to old ages. 

Funded by HiJack and mm2 entertainment, the production budget is estimated at $2 million (S$2.8 million). Production is set to begin soon with filming expected to be completed by early 2024, before Lunar New Year celebrations. 

Boi Kwong, who directed Geylang back in 2022, is appointed producer, while Neo’s usual collaborator Ivan Ho is set as scriptwriter and executive director. He has worked together with Neo in Ah Boys To Men 4 and Long, Long Time Ago.

Clover Films director Lim Teck talked about the film franchise, saying, “I have always felt that the first ‘Money No Enough’ was the most important movie in the history of Singapore. The mind-boggling SGD5.8 million box-office and almost one million admissions it achieved in 1998 gave hope to local filmmakers that it was possible to have a home-made blockbuster and a thriving movie industry here. Subsequently, Jack went on to deliver many great box-office hits and franchises in ‘I Not Stupid,’ ‘Ah Boys to Men,’ ‘Homerun’ and more.”

The original Money No Enough film was directed by Tay Teck Lok, written by Neo and also starred Neo, Lee and Thia. The sequel was directed and co-written by Neo, released ten years later with no association to the first movie. It proceeded to make USD$5 million in 2008 box-office. 


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