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Amy Israel Departs from Paramount Global’s Showtime

Date: 2023-10-04

Amy Israel Departs from Paramount Global’s Showtime

Amy Israel is stepping down as the head of scripted programming at Showtime. Joining the growing list of senior executives who have departed from Paramount Global in the past year. By: Wee Yan Ling

Over the past year, Showtime has experienced restructuring and workforce reductions as part of the integration of the Showtime brand into Paramount+ in the United States, encompassing both streaming and traditional linear television.

Internally, the teams from Showtime and MTV Entertainment Studios were merged, resulting in the departure of Showtime’s co-presidents of entertainment, Jana Winograde and Gary Levine. Levine transitioned into the senior creative director upon the departure of Winograde.

During Amy’s tenure, she contributed to several notable shows such as Billions, Yellowjackets, and the TV adaptation of the video game franchise Halo.

President and CEO of Showtime/MTV Entertainment Studios and Paramount Media Networks have expressed their appreciation for Amy’s dedication to her craft and her attributes in pushing creative boundaries, commitment to excellence which had created a lasting impact to Showtime.


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