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Turkish Drama Grapes of Love Making Headwind

Date: 2023-10-06

Turkish Drama Grapes of Love Making Headwind

International distributor Eccho Rights is collaborating with Turkish production company Sürec Film for their latest drama series Grapes of Love. This series debuted in Turkey on FOX, featuring renowned actors Serkan Cayoglu and Ayca Aysin Turan in the lead roles. By: Wee Yan Ling

Distributed by Eccho Rights


Being the latest drama from Sürec Film, one of Turkey’s foremost production houses that has produced hits such as Wounded Heart, Three Sisters, Cherry Season and Hear Me. 


"This classic Turkish drama is all about the power of love and its ability to overcome even the toughest obstacles. We are sure that the passionate devotion portrayed in Grapes of Love will strike a chord amongst audiences," says Handan Özkubat, Director of Turkish Drama at Eccho Rights.


The drama tells the story of Kerem, a successful businessman and next in line of a prestigious wine-producing family, having crossed paths with Sevda during a visit to his family’s vineyard in Montenegro. The two immediately ignited a spark and made a pact to meet at the same place exactly one year later. 


However, fate had other plans, and their reunion took place earlier than expected. Sevda, working as a maid in a prestigious family’s household while assisting her mother, was astounded to find out that she was employed by Kerem’s family. Taken aback by her humble background, Kerem’s affection towards her remained unchanged. Regrettably, Kerem’s family did not share the same sentiment and it led to great conflict for his love. However, the couple will do anything to overcome their struggles and class differences, to live their love without limits. 


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