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Malaysian Film Nominated for Nine Golden Horse Awards

Date: 2023-10-06

Malaysian Film Nominated for Nine Golden Horse Awards

Malaysian Filmmaker Chong Keat Aun’s most recent film, Snow in Midsummer, has captured nominations in nine different categories of the notable Golden Horse Awards. By: Dylan Low

Malaysia - The film describes a Chinese family dealing with the repercussions of the country’s racial riots on May 13th. It has been nominated for various awards, such as best director, best narrative feature film and best supporting actress for Wan Fang.

The popular movie also nods for the best adapted screenplay, best cinematography, best makeup and costume designs, best original soundtrack, best original film song and best sound effects. 

The prize-winning director issued his thanks to the organisers, as he acknowledged the colleagues across Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan, in which the film was their culmination of their efforts. At 45 years of age, he achieved Best New Director for The Story Of Southern Islet at the Golden Horse Awards in 2020.

Chong mentioned the film in a Facebook post, saying, “It took us 14 years to complete the filming of Snow in Midsummer, and it is dedicated to those who perished on May 13 and those who survived.”

Founder of August Pictures, Chow Wai Thong told the news that the film was shot in Penang and Kuala Lumpur and wrapped up filming in 2022. 

Chow had mentioned his aspirations to create films with a rich Nanyang flavour and multiracial elements, which allowed him to click well together with Chong. He was surprised by the nine nominations, stating, “I didn’t expect the first movie to be nominated for so many awards. It’s very encouraging and inspiring.” 

With nine nominations, Snow in Midsummer officially leads the race for this year’s Golden Horse Awards in Taiwan. The awards ceremony will officially take place at the National Dr Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall in Taipei City on Nov 25.

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