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CJ ENM America Hires Elsie Choi as EVP and Head of Scripted TV

Date: 2023-10-09

CJ ENM America Hires Elsie Choi as EVP and Head of Scripted TV

CJ ENM has recently appointed the company’s new Executive Vice President and Head of Scripted TV, by bringing in Elsie Choi. She will be located in the Los Angeles office. By: Dylan Low

Los Angeles – She begins with immediate effect reporting to CJ ENM America’s President, US Scripted, Angela Killoren. As part of her capacity as EVP and Head of Scripted TV, Choi will look to continue CJ ENM’s mission to further reach internationally, expanding and producing original series.

She will be the creative point of contact for CJ ENM and its global subsidiaries/affiliate contact studios in the US. Contributing to the development of their footprint in the industry, she will also adapt titles from the company’s expansive format library for both English and international consumers.

President Angela Killoren said, “We welcome Elsie with great anticipation and look forward to the exciting and innovative projects she will bring to the company,

“This appointment reflects our ongoing commitment to delivering exceptional content that resonates with diverse audiences around the world. With her impressive track record championing underrepresented voices and stories, Elsie is an exceptional addition to our leadership team. We look forward to supercharging the breadth of innovative projects that CJ is known for bringing to audiences around the world.”

Prior to her new role at CJ ENM, Choi previously worked as a Non-Writing Executive Producer on popular selling series, Interior Chinatown. She most recently served as the Head of Cable/Streaming TV for Rideback, where she was also the Executive Director of the MRC x Rideback TV Incubator. 

Aside from her involvement in the film and entertainment industry, she had an accomplished tenure at Morgan Stanley, where she managed finances in cultural institutions namely The Getty Center and the American Museum of Natural History. She moved on to a marketing and publicity position at Dreamswork Pictures, in New York and Los Angeles, before she joined the entertainment world.


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