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Loki’s Second Season Delivers Sensational Viewership in Premiere

Date: 2023-10-11

Loki’s Second Season Delivers Sensational Viewership in Premiere

The sequel to the popular series Loki opened up to exceptional viewership numbers, within three days of viewing. By: Dylan Low

According to Disney, the launch of Loki season 2 accumulated up to 10.9 million views in the first three days of availability, with the series premiere debuting on October 5. With the episode spanning up to 47 minutes, that is equivalent to 512 million minutes of total viewership. 

Loki’s combined three-day viewership is comparable to fan-favourite Star Wars series Ahsoka, which broadcasted in August to 14 million views, over five days recorded by Disney+. Loki is set to surpass Ahsoka’s five day combined viewership.

Disney also tracks that Loki holds the record for second most watched premiere of a Disney series in 2023, only behind season 3’s premiere of The Mandalorian which showcased in March.

The remarkable start to the sequel of Loki does not surprise many people, with the first season obtaining the most viewership numbers of any Marvel series on the Disney platform currently. Over the six-week runtime in both June and July in 2021, season one had achieved an average of 872 million minutes per week, which is 26 percent higher than The Falcon and the Winter Soldier in second place.

Loki season 2 features Tom Hiddleston returning as the God of Mischief, alongside recurring co-stars Owen Wilson, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Sophia Di Martino, Tara Strong and joined by newcomer Ke Huy Quan.


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