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Studio 100 Media Acquires Share in 3Doubles Animation Studio

Date: 2023-10-12

Studio 100 Media Acquires Share in 3Doubles Animation Studio

Studio 100 Media holds shares in 3Doubles Animation Studio as they are heading in the direction of expansion for the company. By: Wee Yan Ling

Distributed by Studio 100 Media 

Munich, Tenerife, Los Angeles - One of the leading independent studios for children’s and family entertainment, Studio 100 Media, has announced the acquisition of a stake in 3Doubles Productions. This partnership is integral for Studio 100 Media’s continuous expansion of its European slate of animated series and movies. 

Studio 100 Media and 3Doubles have partnered for several projects, such as the all new feature film Giants of La Mancha and Mia and Me: The Hero of Centopia movie. Their track record of successful collaboration has established the groundwork for an upcoming project committed to providing inventive and engaging content to a global audience.

“This acquisition is an important next step for the expansion of Studio 100 Media’s European slate of animated series and movies. It will further strengthen our close cooperation with LA-based Viva Kids, who also acquired a stake in 3Doubles earlier this year. We are thrilled to work with such exceptional partners and to be part of a major force in creating and distributing innovative content for the international market”, said Studio 100 Media’s CEO, Martin Krieger.

Intentions to produce new movies and series together are set by the three companies which will go through Studio 100 Media for worldwide distribution whilst Viva Pictures is in charge of the North American movie distribution. 

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