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Israel Filmmakers in Solidarity

Date: 2023-10-12

Israel Filmmakers in Solidarity

The country’s film and TV industry halted all production and closed all theatre screenings, following the Hamas terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians. By: Dylan Low

Israel - All production indoors and outdoors has officially ceased in Israel, alongside the closure of theatres. The Israel Defence Forces Home’ Front Command mandated the industry to turn and focus on the terror crisis, and exclusively air live news coverage on television.

“The entire industry is shut down,” Adar Shafran, the chairman of Israeli Producers Association, revealed. The director and producer added, “We are still in shock. Nothing will be the same after this war, but for now, we’re just concentrating on survival.” 

Sunday was the day Israel officially declared war on Hamas, with the current situation leaving more than 1,000 citizens dead in Israel and 800 killed in Gaza’s Palestinian territory caused by Israeli riot operations.

Local filmmakers and their crew members are now collectively aiding the soldiers and civilians. Producers are assisting by cooking and setting up food donations, helping by using their equipment and proficiency to get supplies over to affected areas. Some are also creating videos featuring families of the abducted victims to help find those missing through conventional and social media channels.

“Everyone is coming together. Everyone is helping everyone,” Shafran proclaimed, “We have a group of around 2,000 people from the industry and we’re all doing what we can to help.”

In addition, popular international actors have publicly issued their support for Israel through social media platforms, namely Israeli actress Gal Gadot and Israeli-born Natalie Portman, alongside Jamie Lee Curtis, Josh Gad and Naomi Watts.

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