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South Africa’s Got Talent Returns after Seven-Year Hiatus

Date: 2023-10-13

South Africa’s Got Talent Returns after Seven-Year Hiatus

Primedia Studios is in the midst of working out a new treatment of South Africa’s Got Talent for the broadcaster SABC. By: Wee Yan Ling

The show originally debuted back in 2009 and ran for two seasons before moving to SABC 2 for another 2 seasons and then for the next six seasons. The show has been off air since 2017.

Scheduled for its comeback on South African television in the middle of 2024, the series is set to be created in collaboration with Anele Mdoda's production company, Rose and Oaks Media. Anele Mdoda is a presenter, radio personality, producer, businesswoman, and author.

Jan Du Plessis, president of Primedia Studios, said: “Our mission at Primedia Studios is to be a world-class audiovisual content hub, infused with the spirit of South Africa and driven by our exceptional homegrown talent. In less than a year, we’ve come further and achieved more than we ever dared hope—not least winning three major television format commissions from our country’s largest broadcaster. All three shows have the power to bring joy and improve lives while showcasing African talent and culture with passion and authenticity. It’s what we are born to do.”

Anahita Kheder, executive VP of formats and licensing for EMEA at Fremantle, said: “The Got Talent format continues to bring excellent entertainment whilst showcasing breathtaking talent to audiences worldwide. Through contestants showing off their unique skills and stories, Got Talent has become an unstoppable global phenomenon and continues to earn the title of TV’s most-loved talent show format. We are proud to be working with Primedia Studios and SABC to bring this much-anticipated program back to South Africa after six years off air.”

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