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Hunting Season goes to Spain with Atresmedia

Date: 2023-10-20

Hunting Season goes to Spain with Atresmedia

Talpa Studios' heart-racing adventure game show Hunting Season has found its fifth major broadcast commission outside the Netherlands. By: Wee Yan Ling

Atresmedia in Spain has secured the rights to Hunting Season, a show adapted from the highly successful and award-winning YouTube series in the Netherlands. An online primetime weekly version of the quiz show is scheduled to premiere on Atresmedia's Flooxer platform in 2024.

The Dutch viewers will be entertained with a new season as SBS6 has confirmed the recommission of the series for a fourth season. The first season scored an average market share of 20% in key demographics with the second season scoring even better. 30% in the key demographics 20-49 which is three times the slot average. 

In every episode, a pair of celebrities must evade a team of three prison guards whose sole purpose is to apprehend them within 4 hours. The celebrities would be given a 20 minute head start while donning a GPS tracker that updates the hunters in intervals of 10 minutes. For them to win the game, they have to avoid capture for 4 hours. 

Carmen Ferreiro, Entertainment Program Director at Atresmedia, says: "Hunting Season is an original, fast-paced and addictive format. We believe it will work very well with younger audiences".

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