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Smurfs Celebrate 65th Birthday with Season 3 for 2024 on Nickelodeon

Date: 2023-10-20

Smurfs Celebrate 65th Birthday with Season 3 for 2024 on Nickelodeon

A third season for The Smurfs CG-animated series is in production and has been picked up by Nickelodeon for global broadcast in 2024. By: Wee Yan Ling

The worldwide distributors of The Smurfs in collaboration with co-producers Peyo Productions, Ellipse Animation, KiKA, Ketnet, RTBF and TF1 have revealed the production of the third season of the immensely popular series. This new season is scheduled for global broadcast on Nickelodeon and local Free-to-Air networks.

In the new season, the chaos and hilarity of our blue troublemakers takes up where it left off, introducing new characters and elements to bring more fun to the audience. Not only will we rediscover the original 100 Smurfs, but we will also meet new Smurfs girls. The newly introduced heroes will provide a burst of comedic energy as they will complicate daily life for Papa Smurf and Willow, while confusing and disrupting Gargamel’s evil plans. 

There will also be new villains, posing additional threats to the Smurfs. Naturally, Gargamel will still reign as king villain, but he will be joined by his niece and nephew, Dwayne, and Rowena, who are often dropped off at his hovel to spend the weekend. These two pre-teens are nothing but trouble for the Smurfs—and for Gargamel, too.

Peyo’s little blue heroes will have a special 65th birthday celebration with fans in their home-country this upcoming weekend (21-22 October) at FACTS, the Belgian Comic Con.

The renowned Italian toy manufacturer, Giochi Preziosi, has become the Master Toy partner for non-English speaking territories. The brand new Smurf toy line will hit the European market in 2024.

“We're delighted that the creative magic of the Ellipse Animation & Peyo Productions teams will be brought to screens in this brand-new season. The stories of our favorite characters are endless, and we can't wait for children to discover these new Smurfing adventures!” added Caroline Duvochel for Ellipse Animation.

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