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Amuz Distribution Declares Remake Deal for Popular Comedy Series with Tucker Tooley Entertainment

Date: 2023-10-24

Amuz Distribution Declares Remake Deal for Popular Comedy Series with Tucker Tooley Entertainment

The deal is to remake the blockbuster series The Boys, known as the biggest TV and film franchise in Canada.

MIPCOM, Cannes - Amuz Distribution’s Alex Avon, the VP of Global Distribution has announced a format license deal with Tucker Tooley Entertainment in the US for The Boys, known to be a sports and friendship based factual show.

The Boys is a scripted factual series that depicts friendship, life, love and sports. With the focus on a friend group from different chapters of life, they face obstacles in life on and off the sports field. For eleven guys, they enjoy Mondays as these part-time workers put on their jerseys with their team crest The Boys, with both pride and difficulty. They continue to play football and meet at Stan’s bar for some beer. These men hang out, argue, complain, but eventually hug to make up. 

The series is known to be a mainstream comedy series and to be a big French-Canadian TV franchise in Canada. During its runtime, it consisted of up to 38% market share on Radio-Canada TV with 73 TV Episodes and 5 movies in the collection. 

Avon revealed, “Amuz Distribution is thrilled to partner with Tucker Tooley Entertainment for our fun, heart-felt comedy series The Boys, beloved by major audiences in Quebec. This sports-themed friendship-based show is perfect for localization. We look forward to seeing the shows on air in the U.S.”

Christian Parent, VP of Development & Production in Tucker Tooley Entertainment disclosed, “We are beyond excited to team up with Amuz Distribution to adapt the highly acclaimed series from Quebec, The Boys for the U.S. audience. Given their proven track record and our passion for storytelling, we're confident this series will captivate American fans, offering a truly unique and immersive experience.”

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