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Samsung TV Reinstates Trending Christmas Channels with Top Holiday Streaming Numbers

Date: 2023-10-25

Samsung TV Reinstates Trending Christmas Channels with Top Holiday Streaming Numbers

Samsung has announced they are bringing back their successful Christmas channels, such as their Vevo Christmas Holiday channel which earned their #1 most watched on Samsung TVs in December 2022, in the US, UK, Italy and Germany. By: Dylan Low

London, UK - Samsung Electronics Ltd marks the return of their top popular Christmas channels on Samsung TV plus, consisting of their ‘Vevo Christmas’ channel which is collaborated by Vevo - a major music video network in the world, alongside Samsung’s two own operated channels ‘Festive Hub’ and ‘X-Mas Mix’. 

Referencing to Samsung’s Ads Europe data, viewers were more tuned in during the holiday period, with 17% higher time spent on Samsung Smart TVs during December compared to the yearly average. The overall time spent watching TV per day was 2.1 hours during this run.

After their promising debut last year, the ‘Vevo Christmas’ channel returns and is available in more markets. It will now be accessible in Australia and New Zealand, and continue to broadcast in the UK, Italy, Spain and France. The channel will showcase mainstream festive music performances, featuring artist ‘takeovers’ from Mariah Carey, Justin Bieber, John Legend and Meghan Trainor, etc. 

‘Vevo Christmas' was one of many Vevo channels broadcasted on Samsung TV plus, accompanied by ‘Vevo Pop’, ‘Vevo 70s & 80s’, and ‘Vevo Hip Hop & R&B’. Christmas Day marked their highest viewership for the channel in 2022. 

‘Festive Hub’ will be the channel to find Christmas blockbusters and British popular films, nostalgic Christmas episodes and enjoyable holiday food recipes. It will aim to entertain audiences for the Christmas season with their live and on-demand content, prices free of charge.

A newly operated channel ‘X-Mas Mix’ will televise top Christmas films and nostalgic special episodes according to different regions.

Jennifer Betty, European Head of Content Acquisition at Samsung TV Plus, stated, “We see a substantial increase in time spent on our Samsung TVs and watching Samsung TV Plus in December; a lot of this is driven by audiences’ appetite for Christmas and other festive content. Whether that be music, cooking or just a holiday classic film for the family, Samsung TV Plus delivers it all for free. FAST has proven to be the perfect destination for both content partners and audiences to explore the benefits of curated content that can be adapted throughout the year. Valued partners like Vevo continue to help us deliver this content to our global audiences, and we’re excited to see what this upcoming festive season will bring.”


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