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Andrea Riseborough Steals the Spotlight at MIPCOM Cannes 2023 for 'Alice & Jack' Debut

Date: 2023-10-25

Andrea Riseborough Steals the Spotlight at MIPCOM Cannes 2023 for 'Alice & Jack' Debut

Award-winning actress Andrea Riseborough joined producers at MIPCOM CANNES for the launch of Fremantle's new original drama series Alice & Jack. By: Wee Yan Ling

The Oscar-nominated actress was in town to support the international premiere screening of the series at the Grand Auditorium in Les Palais des Festivals alongside Executive Producers Richard Yee and Krishnendu Majumdar co-founders of Me+You productions, and Lorenzo De Maio of De Maio Entertainment.

Alice and Jack is derived from award-winning writer, Victor Levin and stars Academy Award-nominated actress and producer, Andrea Riseborough, with actor, screenwriter and director Domhnall Gleeson. 

Finnish film director and screenwriter Juho Kuosmanen, who co-wrote and directed the 2021 Cannes Grand Prix co-winner Compartment 6, is the lead director and Hong Khaou (Lilting) directs the second block of the series.

Crafted and penned by Levin, Alice and Jack is a timeless piece of romance series. The initial encounter of Alice and Jack forges an unbreakable and seemingly powerful connection. Will their journey culminate in happiness and unity, or will the complexities of life and their own emotions prove to be stumbling blocks? This series is an intimate, candid and humorous exploration of love, exhibiting its plethora and colourful facts in an unassuming and kaleidoscopic manner.


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