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Fremantle Expands Global Reach with Thank God You're Here

Date: 2023-10-26

Fremantle Expands Global Reach with Thank God You're Here

Fremantle are handling international production rights for the hilarious comedy format Thank God You're Here, from Australian production company, Working Dog Productions. By: Wee Yan Ling

The format, which has returned from a 14-year hiatus, invites comedy guests to step through the famous blue door, into the world of the unknown. The format is one of the returning headliners on Fremantle's Entertainment MIPCOM slate. 

Thank God You're Here returned to TV screens down under for a fifth season in July 2023, receiving strong ratings on Australia's Network 10.

In every episode, a guest comedian will make their way through the mysterious blue door, welcomed with the iconic phrase, ‘Thank God You’re Here…’ There will be a timer counting down as they navigate their way in the most unpredictable scenarios, ranging from any location or historical era. With a comedic legend as the guest judge, to give their verdicts as well as choosing the winner.

Chris O'Dell, Head of Global Entertainment Production at Fremantle said: "Thank God You're Here is a hilarious, unique comedy format, where the only thing audiences can expect, is the unexpected! We're extremely excited to be presenting this brilliant format at MIPCOM. Back in 2006 it quickly became the world's highest selling comedy entertainment format, and now it's back and funnier than ever, which is a testament to the skilful team at Working Doc productions. We can't wait to see who opens the iconic blue door next."


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