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Mediaset Spain Orders Talpa Studio’s Popular Series Marble Mania

Date: 2023-10-26

Mediaset Spain Orders Talpa Studio’s Popular Series Marble Mania

Spain: Mediaset has ordered the first season of Talpa’s format show Marble Mania. The Spanish edition of the show will be produced in Netherlands, in Talpa Studio’s hub location by Bulldog, alongside Talpa Studios. The first season will be televised by Telecinco, at the end of 2023. By: Dylan Low

Eduardo Escorial García, Mediaset Spain’s Director of Entertainment, has stated, “We are genuinely excited about Marble Mania, a refreshing addition to the entertainment landscape, and grateful for the opportunity to partner again with Talpa Studios.”

"We are thrilled to welcome our Spanish colleagues to collaborate on this exciting show. This marks the fourth international project for Marble Mania. Again we'll utilize our hub production location, hosting foreign contestants and hosts.” said Sebastian van Barneveld, Talpas Studio’s Director of International Distribution. He continued, “Once more, it underscores the value of our pricing, as well as the exceptional quality and experience we offer. This aligns seamlessly with our strategy as an independent global production studio.”

In the Netherlands, SBS6 has requested for the fourth season of Marble Mania, where the show is planned to broadcast in 2024. The show’s inaugural season hit the highest trending numbers in five years, while the second and third season obtained above average numbers. German viewers will also be offered a fourth season. After three seasons on RTL Germany, SAT1 will broadcast the fourth season. This family hit show has also been televised in Belgium and France.

The format of Marble Mania showcases three celebrities as they try to complete three sets of challenges ranging from bowling to mini golf games using marbles. After several rounds the highest ranked celebrity will be provided the most marbles to start in the finale, which involves 12,000 marbles as they battle to win money for a charity of their choice.


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