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New Anime Franchise, Solemn Vow, Reveals Multiple Partnerships at SEE Cebu

Date: 2023-10-27

New Anime Franchise, Solemn Vow, Reveals Multiple Partnerships at SEE Cebu

Homegrown anime franchise, Solemn Vow, inked multiple partnerships at the Sugbo Entertainment Expo (SEE Cebu). Conceptualised as an anime series with a strategy for spinoffs into manga, games, music, merchandise and more, the new creative franchise has formed partnerships with prominent international and local partners. By: Wee Yan Ling

SEE Cebu is an annual conference, uniting entertainment industry leaders in a dynamic 2-day conference. The event gathered government agencies, private enterprises, international collaborators, local professions, to foster a vibrant environment for exchanging creative concepts and forging partnerships.  Solemn Vow's announcement highlighted Cebu's capacity to develop globally acclaimed creative intellectual properties.

The series contains 13 episodes with the narrative building upon the myths and legends of the Philippines. Its setting is built around a universe of magic and mystical creatures, and Solemn Vow is an action-packed adventure that tells the story of a legendary hero family. It will be conveyed through the Japanese art form, anime and will be available for global audiences. 

The producers of Solemn Vow include Cebu-based studio Enigma Kai, Manila-based media company Fire and Ice, and Singapore-based companies Anito Studios and Silver Media. Animation giant Toei Animation Philippines will handle production and veteran music producer Alexander Lim will be consulting on the opening theme for the series.

Liza Dino, CEO of Fire and Ice, explains why she joined Solemn Vow as a producer, “I'm excited to join the esteemed team behind Solemn Vow. This franchise is poised to take the animation world by storm. With a rich history of animation talent in the service industry, it’s time we showcase our homegrown content on a global scale.  Solemn Vow is not just a project; it has the elements needed to become a globally viable franchise. Partnering with passionate experts in the audiovisual industry, we aim to transform it into its best version. This journey is a thrilling narrative of creativity, ambition, and innovation.”


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