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Kenneth Branagh Returns in Disney+ Debut of A Haunting in Venice

Date: 2023-10-27

Kenneth Branagh Returns in Disney+ Debut of A Haunting in Venice

Agatha Christie’s iconic sleuth Hercules Poirot makes his return in the horror film as A Haunting in Venice premieres on Disney+ on October 31st. By: Dylan Low

The film is based on Agatha Christie’s novel in 1969 Hallowe’en Party, as it has been Certified-Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes and received many positive reviews on the series. Maureen Lee Lanker of Entertainment Weekly noted, “Branagh scares up his best Poirot film yet,”, and “captures what makes Agatha Christie's work timeless,” mentioned by Valerie Complex of Deadline.

The American mystery film was produced and directed by Kenneth Branagh, who is featured along with popular cast members such as Kyle Allen, Camille Cottin, Jamie Dornan, Tina Fey, Jude Hill, Ali Khan, Emma Laird, Kelly Reilly, Riccardo Scamarcio and Michelle Yeoh. It will be accessible for subscribers to view on Disney+, in due time to end the Halloween season. 

Disney+ viewers can get to watch Agatha Christie’s insightful detective not only in The Haunting in Venice, but also in prior films Murder on the Orient Express and Death on the Nile, where the whole "Poirot" trilogy will be available on the platform.

A Haunting in Venice takes place in Venice after World War II on All Hallows’ Eve, as a mystery film marking the return of popular sleuth Hercule Poirot. Coming off retirement and living in exile voluntarily in his city, Poirot unwillingly takes part in a séance in a haunted palazzo. When one of the guests gets killed, the detective is thrown into an ominous situation with shadows and secrets.


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