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Apple TV+ Announces Hike in Price

Date: 2023-10-30

Apple TV+ Announces Hike in Price

Apple TV will be increasing its prices for a second time in 12 months, as US subscribers are to pay up to $9.99 a month to access the popular streaming service. By: Dylan Low

The streaming service was launched in 2019 by Apple and was provided on a free-trial basis for people purchasing new Apple devices, which is followed by a $4.99 cost per month for consumers to continue their subscriptions.

The prices then increased to $6.99 last October, with the total annual price hiking from $69 to $99 per yearly subscription.

Apple has majorly benefited for the streamer, anchored around a more personalised selection of original content compared to their rivals.

The streaming platform provides shows ranging from popular comedy Ted Lasso and Bad Sisters, to Invasion and Pachinko, with their newly acquired film CODA earning an Oscar Best Picture award in 2022. It also consists of sports content, featuring Friday Night Baseball and Major League Soccer matches available to watch.


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