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Sharon Stone's Brain Haemorrhage Misdiagnosis by Doctors

Date: 2023-10-31

Sharon Stone's Brain Haemorrhage Misdiagnosis by Doctors

Doctors thought the actress was feigning the symptoms and did not pay attention to her pain levels. By: Wee Yan Ling

A recent interview unveiled the horrifying fact that doctors thought Stone was faking her illness despite suffering from a brain haemorrhage back in 2001. The star had to take a break from Hollywood due to a stroke that led to a nine-day brain bleed. She described the pain as “lightning bolt-like” before being rushed to the hospital. 

“I remember waking up on a gurney and asking the kid wheeling it where I was going, and him saying, brain surgery,” shared Stone. “A doctor had decided, without my knowledge or consent, that he should give me exploratory brain surgery and sent me off to the operating room.”

After her hospital stay, she struggled to walk and lost a significant amount of weight. “I bled so much into my subarachnoid pool (head, neck, and spine) that the right side of my face fell, my left foot was dragging severely, and I was stuttering very badly,” Stone added.

She noted the health scare has greatly impacted her, and she doesn't get "hired a lot" because she's a “disability hire."


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