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Israel’s Filming Industry Plead to Global Entertainment Community

Date: 2023-10-31

Israel’s Filming Industry Plead to Global Entertainment Community

More than 2,000 Israeli film and TV industry members have signed an open letter to the global entertainment community, garnering their support to release hostages captured by Hamas in light of October 7th’s terror attacks. By: Dylan Low

This involves figures such as filmmakers Hagai Levi, Ayelet Menahemi, Ari Folman, Joseph Cedar, Michal Vinik, Jasmine Kainy, Eliran Peled and Nadav Lapid, alongside Euphoria Executive Producer Ron Leshem, Israel Film Fund CEO Noa Regev and many other executives and talent. These members have penned the letter addressed to “Our dearest friends in the international film and television community”.

The letter denotes the global the worldwide industry to rally with them in the name of humanity, to make the highest efforts to bring about the release of over 200 Israeli civilians, held hostage by Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Efforts have been showcased of testimonial videos of the families of those under hostage, labelling them #BringThemHomeNow, with the letter stating, “We have tried to give a name, a voice and an identity to those currently in captivity.”

They continued, “We have come together in an attempt to give a voice to their plight and to the anguish of their families - by doing what we know - and that is to tell their stories.”

The letter urges industry leaders worldwide outside of Israel, to help bring these stories out to the world and pressure governments, politicians and leaders from all sides - to safely bring the hostages home.

This move comes after the open letter sent earlier, from popular Hollywood stars and executives which include Gal Gadot, Bradley Cooper, Zack Snyder and Shawn Levy, posted to President Joe Biden in a #NoHostageLeftBehind campaign. The letter thanks him for his leadership amidst the Israel-Hamas war and prompts for release of hostages.

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