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Disney's Live-Action Snow White Delayed to 2025

Date: 2023-11-01

Disney's Live-Action Snow White Delayed to 2025

The premiere date for the live-action reinterpretation featuring Rachel Zegler from West Side Story in the lead role of the princess has been rescheduled from March, 2024, to March, 2025. By: Wee Yan Ling

Disney made an announcement for the one-year release in the release of the live-action Snow White remake and is also postponing another release of Pixar, Elio, to June 2025. The two films join the growing roster of blockbuster movies undergoing rescheduling due to ongoing negotiations between the actors’ union and Hollywood studios.

The actors were involved in the strike for more than three months with their primary focus on contentious issues with the studios. Demands such as fair streaming residual payments, restrictions on the incorporation of artificial intelligence in Hollywood productions, wage hikes, and the extension of health coverage have surfaced. 

The actors’ strike in conjunction with the concurrent work stoppage by writers have stopped nearly all TV and film production during the summer, causing delays in the release of original content across network television, film studios, and streaming services. 

The Writers Guild of America has concluded negotiations with studios and writers are back to work. Leading to the resumption of shows. However, the filming of movies and productions on union actors are still on pause, and promotional activities for release are not resumed. 

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