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Mediaset Keeps Rights to Broadcast Coppa Italia for Three Years

Date: 2023-11-02

Mediaset Keeps Rights to Broadcast Coppa Italia for Three Years

Mediaset Italia, owned by MediaForEurope, has retained the rights to televise Italian football leagues Coppa Italia and Supercoppa Italiana for the next three years. By: Dylan Low

The Italian television broadcaster will exclusively showcase matches from these football competitions to the year 2027, available on Mediaset networks and livestream on Mediaset Infinity and

Mediaset’s proposition was stated to be approximately €56 million euros, which could extend to a combined approximate 58 million per year with 2 million in production prices. This is a significant increase compared to the €48 million per year for the three-year stretch from 2021 up to 2024. The Assembly meeting in late October ended with 18 votes in favour for Mediaset, surpassing rival broadcaster Rai.

The 2023-24 Coppa Italia season has started, with the first round of 16 games this week. Mediaset has stated they will telecast eight matches in the span of three days on Italia 1 and 20, also live broadcasting on Mediaset Infinity The final is scheduled to happen in May 2024. 

Mediaset CEO Pier Silvio Berlusconi mentioned, “We express our satisfaction for the award to Mediaset of the most important football trophy in Italy. It is a unique case – and a source of pride – for a commercial broadcaster to be able to offer a major football competition for Italian club teams all on an exclusive basis and at no cost to viewers at no cost to viewers”.

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