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Paramount Creates New Streaming Hub in UK

Date: 2023-11-03

Paramount Creates New Streaming Hub in UK

Paramount Global, the parent company of Channel 5, is combining the UK broadcaster’s video-on-demand service My5 with its FAST provider Pluto TV. By: Dylan Low

The result will be a newly consolidated, free streaming hub for audiences in the UK. This advertising-supported streaming destination is planned to launch by 2024. The unified platform will bring together popular local content from Channel 5, an extensive archive of on-demand, curated FAST channels from Pluto TV, and a user experience that spans BVOD, FAST, AVOD, and Live TV.

The new streaming hub will make use of Pluto TV’s technology services to combine BVOD, FAST, AVOD AND Live TV at one time. Pluto TV is home to more than 2000 channels internationally from over 425 content partners, with over 20,000 hours of complimentary content. Channel 5 is known for their blockbuster films such as Dalgleish, All Creatures Great And Small, Ben Fogle: New Lives In The Wild, The Yorkshire Vet and Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly.

Paramount announced Pluto TV has climbed significantly in the last few years, hitting annual revenue above $1billion, broadening their impact across four continents and above 35 markets.

Maria Kyriacou, President of broadcast & studios in Paramount International Markets, said, “We’re proud of the huge success and growth in viewing that we have seen on our BVOD service, My5.  As we look ahead to an IP-delivered future, this is the right time for us to fully leverage the Paramount ecosystem and combine the reach and scale of our free-to-air network in the UK with the global success of our FAST service, Pluto TV.  We’re well underway with work on this product, and I’m incredibly excited about the content and user experience we’ll be able to offer our audiences and our advertising partners when we launch next year,”

Olivier Jollet, general manager of Pluto TV in Paramount International Markets, noted, “As an early pioneer of FAST globally, we’ve seen incredible growth and excitement for Pluto TV in markets around the world. By joining forces with our leading BVOD platform in the UK, we are offering audiences, partners, and clients a supersized free streaming destination that we know they’ll love. This is a significant evolution for our free streaming business in this important market and a testament to how we strategically approach our platforms and the future of streaming.”

Paramount’s move to consolidate My5 and Pluto TV will create an expansive free streaming destination for UK viewers, combining the best of both platforms and offering a diverse range of content options.

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