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Nicolas Cage Expresses Criticism about AI Use and Cameo in The Flash

Date: 2023-11-03

Nicolas Cage Expresses Criticism about AI Use and Cameo in The Flash

Nicolas Cage has shared his honest thoughts on using AI in films, alongside his feelings about the final cut of his cameo as Superman in DC film The Flash. By: Dylan Low

In a latest interview, Cage showed his personal dislike for technology, saying, “AI is a nightmare to me. It’s inhumane. You can’t get more inhumane than artificial intelligence.”

Despite AI not playing a role in Cage’s unexpected cameo as Superman in Warner Bros movie The Flash, the finalised scene was contrasted to what he filmed for the superhero movie, remarked the American actor.

“What I was supposed to do was literally just be standing in an alternate dimension, if you will, and witnessing the destruction of the universe,” recounted Cage. “Kal-El was bearing witness to the end of a universe, and you can imagine with that short amount of time that I had, what that would mean in terms of what I can convey. I had no dialogue [so I had to] convey with my eyes the emotion. So that’s what I did. I was on set for maybe three hours.”

However, in the film’s final cut, Cage’s superhero was seen fighting a giant spider as the multiverse falls apart, referring to Tim Burton ‘s cancelled Superman Lives film, where Cage was supposed to star as Man of Steel.

“When I went to the picture, it was me fighting a giant spider,” Cage mentioned. “I did not do that. That was not what I did. I don’t think it was [created by] AI. I know Tim [Burton] is upset about AI, as I am. It was CGI, OK, so that they could de-age me, and I’m fighting a spider. I didn’t do any of that, so I don’t know what happened there.”


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