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Netflix Eclipses 15 million Milestone in Ad-based Tier

Date: 2023-11-06

Netflix Eclipses 15 million Milestone in Ad-based Tier

Netflix has now passed 15 million international monthly active users of its advertisement-supported package. By: Dylan Low

The popular streaming platform obtained this achievement, as they continue to improve their subscription packages for both subscribers and advertisers.

Next week, Netflix will make downloads for offline viewing available for the plan for the first time. This makes them the first mainstream ads-inclusive platform to allow for downloads.

The streaming service also elevated their ad-tier package to add 1080p compared to 720p video quality, and two simultaneous streams. With these changes to the consumer experience, it showcases Netflix’s desire to appeal subscribers to the ads-inclusive plan, to kickstart a sustainable and developing advertising business. 

For the advertisers, they will be able to internationally make use of the streamer’s binge ad (wt) format, which begins next year onwards. This allows for the viewing behaviour of watching multiple episodes at a time. After watching three consecutive episodes, members will be able to watch a fourth episode complimentary of ads.

Netflix can now implement 10, 20 and 60 second ads worldwide, coupled with the original 15 and 30 second ads it began with.

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