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Production Delays and Tragedy Loom Over Euphoria Season 3

Date: 2023-11-06

Production Delays and Tragedy Loom Over Euphoria Season 3

The highly-anticipated next season of the popular coming-of-age drama faces a significant delay and uncertainty surrounding a key character, following the tragic loss of one of its stars. By: Wee Yan Ling

During the special presentation of the HBO and Max 2024 content slate, it was announced that the series will have to be delayed till 2025 for the next season. This is attributed to the recent strikes in regards to the show’s actors and writers. Season 3’s production is not slated to begin until next year.

The offscreen tragedy struck when Angus Cloud passed on in August due to an accidental drug overdose. The loss of the cast has adversely impacted the cast and family of the late actor.

There is still no confirmation on how Cloud’s character will be played out in the later part of the series. This has added a profound level of complexity to the coming season as fans are anticipating the return of the show in 2025. 

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