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DAZN Set to Cover A1 Padel in Spain

Date: 2023-11-07

DAZN Set to Cover A1 Padel in Spain

DAZN Spain has earned the rights to broadcast the padel competition A1 padel, as the top sports streaming platform will televise the remaining circuit episodes in the 2023 season. By: Dylan Low

A1 Padel makes history in becoming the first 20x10 competition to be showcased on DAZN service. A recent trending sport, Padel is known as a “mixture of tennis with walls and squash in the sun”.

Padel is a sport that uses a doubles format on a sheltered court, surrounded by glass walls and metallic mash which is one third the size of a tennis court. The rules are comparable to tennis, the difference being players serve underhand and walls utilised part of the game as the ball bounces off them - similar to Squash. The sport has garnered popularity in Spain, Sweden, Portugal, United Kingdom, Argentina and Mexico, claimed by A1 Padel.

This sport competition joins DAZN’s variety collection of racket sports currently airing on the platform, namely the WTA circuit, the Australian Open and Roland Garros via the Eurosport channels.

DAZN will stream the final three events of this year’s season, the Puebla Open in Mexico, the Grand Master A1 and the Final Master to be broadcasted from December 13-17.

A1 Padel commented, “In this way, the best padel can be seen in Latin America on Star+ and ESPN, in Spain on DAZN and for the rest of the world on the official A1 Padel channel on YouTube.”

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