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Apple TV+ Arrives at Virgin Media

Date: 2023-11-07

Apple TV+ Arrives at Virgin Media

Apple TV+ has now landed on Virgin Media, with its collection of premium content accessible to UK customers via Virgin set-up boxes. By: Dylan Low

Broadcast customers that own a Virgin Media broadband or have a broadband and landline bundle will be permitted for a 30-day contract and no additional charge past their subscriptions. Virgin TV 360 provides access to 190 channels and up to three mini 360 boxes for a whole multi-room TV experience, as well as availability to the Virgin TV Go app.

Apple TV+ provides popular content such as Ted Lasso, The Morning Show, Bad Sisters, Slow Horses, Hijack, Severance, Foundation and the upcoming film Killers of the Flower Moon by Martin Scorsese.

“Virgin TV is the home of great entertainment with all the must-have channels, apps and on demand shows we know our customers love. With Apple TV+ now available on Virgin TV 360 and Stream, our customers can enjoy even more unmissable shows and movies all in one place,” said David Bouchier, chief TV and entertainment officer at Virgin Media O2.

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