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Not a Murder Story to be released in January

Date: 2023-11-08

Not a Murder Story to be released in January

Screenworks Asia, a production subsidiary of Taiwan based streaming service Catchplay, has scheduled two series to have early releases next year. By: Dylan Low

The Taiwanese series Not a Murder Story entails an aspiring actor who obtains a chance of success. When he encounters a dead woman next to him, he tries not to be affected by it. He cleans up the scene and makes it seem like a robbery went wrong, but unknowingly leaves traces of himself to be discovered.

It is directed by Ko Chen-Nien, who has won awards with Close Your Eyes Before It's Dark and The Silent Forest. The production is organised by Screenworks Asia, Gala Television Corporation, MakerVille, Taipei Film Commission, Eightgeman and Keepin Joy Tech. It will premiere in January 2024 on Catchplay and China’s iQiyi, featured additionally on GTV Channel and Catchplay Movies Channel.

School-youth drama I Can See You Shine will be showcased later on Catchplay and iQiyi. It will casts popular stars Regina Lei, Zhan Huai-Yun and Andy Huang.

Daphne Yang, Catchplay Group CEO states, “We are excited to announce the release of our latest Catchplay original series along with iQiyi. Not a Murder Story is a crime suspense with a strong ensemble cast that we look forward to bringing to the audience.”

Li Yuqian, iQiyi’s GM for the Taiwanese market, commented, “iQiyi is committed to investing more in Taiwanese dramas, supporting the creativity and originality from Taiwan to shine. We are delighted to work with Catchplay once again, following the successful collaboration on The Making of an Ordinary Woman II.”

Not a Murder Story director Ko claimed, “It has been a long journey making Not a Murder Story and I cannot wait for the premiere early next year. I am happy to know that it will reach a wider audience.”


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