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Tell Me You Love Me Premiers on Disney+

Date: 2023-11-08

Tell Me You Love Me Premiers on Disney+

Get ready to be captivated by the tale of an aspiring actor's romantic journey with a gifted deaf artist, featuring the talents of Jung Woosung and Shin Hyunbeen in the lead roles. By: Wee Yan Ling

Tell Me You Love Me is a new heartfelt narrative arriving on Disney+ this November about how destiny weaves a tale of love that transcends worlds. 

Jung Moeun is an aspiring actor who faced the end of her acting career after just one day on set. However, life has other plans for her when they cross paths with Cha Jinwoo, a gifted deaf artist. Through their serendipitous encounters, their connection deepens and unveils a profound truth that love can be expressed beyond words, and there are certain sounds you can only hear with your heart. Prepare to witness an extraordinary love story unlike any others as you see the world through another perspective.

This series is a captivating adaptation of the cherished Japanese classic and TBS Television Drama Series Tell Me You Love Me, scripted by Eriko Kitagawa and produced by TBS Television Inc. The cast includes Jung Woosung in the role of Cha Jinwoo, the deaf artist, alongside Shin Hyunbeen as Jung Moeun, the struggling actor. They are joined by Kim Jihyun, portraying Song Seokyung, the director of an art center and Jinwoo's former lover, and Lee Jaekyun as Yoon Johan, Moeun's childhood friend and a composer. The show is penned by Kim Minjeong and directed by Kim Younjin.


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