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Taylor Swift themed episode on Dancing with the Stars announced

Date: 2023-11-08

Taylor Swift themed episode on Dancing with the Stars announced

An upcoming episode on the notable show will celebrate the singer, alongside her Eras Tour lead choreographer. By: Dylan Low

It has been announced there will be a Taylor Swift episode concept this month. In an episode set to be broadcast, the six remaining couples will compete to selections from Swift’s song collection.

Mandy Moore, the notable lead choreographer of Swift’s Eras Tour and Longtime Dancing choreographer, will be debuting as the special guest judge.

The episode will be live broadcasted on ABC and Disney+, which will be streamed the next day on Hulu.

This collaboration is the most recent to an extraordinary year for Swift, with her Eras Tour, which has been called the most valuable concert run in American history, reportedly earning the celebrity singer an estimated $4.1 billion. Swift’s Eras Tour movie overcame criticism as they accumulated up to $200 million globally, which is still ongoing. The recent release of her iconic album 1989 achieved being the fastest-selling Swift title yet, as the recent week ending November 2nd ranking as the largest week of any album in eight years.


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