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Beloved Superstore Star Nico Santos and Survivor Veteran Zeke Smith Tie the Knot

Date: 2023-11-09

Beloved Superstore Star Nico Santos and Survivor Veteran Zeke Smith Tie the Knot

The couple got engaged on stage at the GLAAD Media Awards in April 2022. By: Wee Yan Ling

Survivor star Zeke Smith, 35, and Superstore actor Nico Santos, 44, have sealed their love story with a wedding extravaganza at Parker Hotel in Palm Springs, California on the 4th of November. Their ceremony coincided with the Palm Springs’ Pride weekend which added a layer of significance to their sacred day.

The couple had been through thick and thin for the past six years before making their wedding vows. With reference to Smith, their partnership has solidified in countless ways before their wedding ceremony. "For us, we've been together for almost six years," they shared. "We own a home together, have a joint bank account. We're each other's emergency contacts. By all sorts of usual metrics, we are married."

The proposal took place in April 2022 during the GLAAD Media Awards, where both Smith and Santos delivered inspiring speeches about LGBTQAI+ representation in the media. It was a poignant moment as Smith proposed to Santos, as they had initially met at the same event nearly six years prior. Their love story is a testament to the power of lasting connections and the impact of LGBTQAI+ representation in the media.

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