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Las Vegas Sphere Set to Host The Marvels Spectacular Event

Date: 2023-11-09

Las Vegas Sphere Set to Host The Marvels Spectacular Event

In conjunction with the film's debut in Las Vegas, Autodesk and Marvel will unveil a promotional campaign starring Goose. By: Wee Yan Ling

Dominating the city’s skyline from the exterior of the recently inaugurated Sphere is a collaboration between software developer Autodesk and Marvel. It is a promotional campaign starring Goose, the feline character.

The Sphere is Las Vegas’ latest entertainment hub. The impressive exterior boasts 580,000 square-foot 16K LED display and the interior is remarkable with a massive 160,000 square-foot 16K LED display.

Visual effects studio The Mill, renowned for their use of Autodesk Maya 3D software for designing, lighting, rigging, and animating characters, created the Autodesk/Marvel promo. The promo initially showcases Goose in her cat form before unveiling her intricate tentacles. 

Director of experience at The Mill has also expressed excitement about the collaboration with Autodesk on The Marvels activation. The Mill has been creating a visual collage, featuring sampled film clips of Elvis Presly during U2’s residency at Sphere.

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