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DAZN Aims to Earn Revenue from FAST

Date: 2023-11-10

DAZN Aims to Earn Revenue from FAST

According to EVP of strategic partnerships Peter Parmenter, trending sports streaming platform DAZN “wants to make some money” and is “following the money” by releasing a FAST service. By: Dylan

The other objectives are to drive its entry into free streaming, putting spotlight on women’s sport and converting free viewers into streaming subscribers.

Having announced on a panel at the Media & Entertainment Leaders Summit in London, Parmenter stated there was a gap in the market for a premium sports FAST channel, where the company looks to deliver a premium offering consisting of live coverage of sports.

He mentioned that FAST had also assisted in getting DAZN’s “heavy investment in women’s sport out to the world” and also recognised it as a method to pull viewers into the DAZN experience, which could potentially be converted to subscription customers.

DAZN had experience switching US ads with ads for the international market in its broadcast of NFL games, which attracted criticism because viewers wanted “the real US experience”. 

Their current main priority is “bringing the opportunity for more brands to get involved”, Parmenter claimed.


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