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Zhang Yimou's Son Aims to Become an Animation Director

Date: 2023-11-10

Zhang Yimou's Son Aims to Become an Animation Director

While renowned Chinese movie director Zhang Yimou has achieved acclaim in live-action cinema, his son, Zhang Yinan, charts his own course in the world of animation, sparking intrigue in the film industry. By: Wee Yan Ling

During the masterclass at Tokyo Film Festival, the highly regarded Chinese director Zhang Yimou shared that his son, Zhang Yinan is pursuing a career in animation, a choice that has raised eyebrows in the cinematic community.

In an attempt to sway his son toward the path of live-action filmmaking, Zhang Yimou has offered his support, stating Zhang Yimou has explained that his son, Zhang Yinan is currently studying in the United States with the burning desire to dive into the realm of animation upon graduation. In spite of his father’s profound expertise in the field of filmmaking, Zhang Yinan remains determined in becoming an animation director. "If you make live-action pictures, I can at least help you." However, the younger Zhang's passion for animation has remained unwavering.

Zhang Yinan’s budding career has already intersected with his father’s filmography as h took on a supporting role as a Song Dynasty secretary in Full River Red and acquired experience as an intern during the production of his father’s film, Shadow. 

Outside the premise of his father’s projects, Zhang Yinan has created several notable works in the past few years and has been praised for exceptional quality. It is being foreseen that Zhang Yinan possesses a promising future in the world of animation.

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