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SAG-AFTRA to Conclude Actor’s Strike

Date: 2023-11-10

SAG-AFTRA to Conclude Actor’s Strike

After many negotiations, SAG-AFTRA have approved a tentative deal that will end the longest actors strike against the Hollywood film and TV studios in their history. By: Dylan Low

The actor’s union has declared the 118-day long strike will come to a close coming Thursday onwards. Their negotiating committee had agreed on the deal with a unanimous vote. This agreement will make its way to the SAG-AFTRA national board for an official approval on Friday.

Both parties have spent days putting their final agreed deal which showcases the first-ever protections for actors against Artificial Intelligence and a monumental pay increase. This deal ensures a minimum rise by 7%, which is 2% above the increases provided to the Writers Guild of America and the Directors Guild of America.

Committee member Kevin E. West stated there were “tears of exhilaration and joy” in the committee room after the approval of their contract. “The final vote was unanimous. That’s a difficult thing to accomplish,” West stated, situated outside union headquarters. “It’s honestly been a really long two weeks.”

He added although the final deal is “not perfect — nothing is,” but getting to this outcome was an “extraordinary” achievement.

Ben Whitehair, another committee member, confessed the deal is a “massive win” for the actor’s union. “It’s incredibly emotional,” he said. “We’ve made history.”

He claimed the union gained “structural change” for their compensation on streaming platforms. Although the union did not achieve all their targeted expectations, he said it would be back looking for more gains in the next negotiations, set to be in 2026.

“When performers understand what was gained, they’re going to be thrilled,” Whitehair acknowledged.

The full details are expected to be confirmed by Friday, following voting by the national board.

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