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Gender Discrimination Case Cost $1.2m Payout

Date: 2023-11-14

Gender Discrimination Case Cost $1.2m Payout

Robert De Niro's company, Canal Productions, is found responsible for gender discrimination and retaliation against former assistant Graham Chase Robinson. The jury orders $1.26 million in damages to be paid. By: Wee Yan Ling

A jury in New York City federal court determined that while actor Robert De Niro was not personally liable, his company Canal Productions was accountable for gender discrimination and retaliation against his former assistant, Graham Chase Robinson, 41. The judgement had mandated Canal Production to pay $11.26 million in damages to Robinson. 

The legal battle unfolded when De Niro and Canal productions filed a lawsuit against Robinson in 2019 alleging improper spending during her tenure with the company. However, Robinson countersued both De Niro and Canal Productions citing violations of the New York City Human Rights Law. 

The trail has revealed that the Oscar winning actor had berated Robinson, and has confessed. "Yeah, fine, I berated her," in response to queries about an incident where Robinson failed to wake him for a meeting. He further admitted to using terms like "petulant," "snippy," and a "f----ing spoiled brat" to describe her.

Additionally, De Niro made allegations that Robinson had misappropriated 5 million Delta SkyMiles during her employment, and he asserted that these miles were never returned.

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