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Winsing Animation Unveils Exciting New Series at DICM 2023

Date: 2023-11-15

Winsing Animation Unveils Exciting New Series at DICM 2023

Winsing Animation is gearing up for its first-ever appearance at the esteemed Dubai International Content Market this November. By: Wee Yan Ling

Winsing is thrilled for its inaugural participation at DICM where the company will be showcasing a diverse and imaginative portfolio of animated series which promises viewers an unforgettable entertainment experience. The spotlight will be on Mega Meow, Shadows of the Void, Mongo, and Racing-Velocity City.

First up is Mega Meow, an exciting tale of mecha adventures featuring adorable feline heroes who step in to save humanity from peril. Shadows of the void on the other hand is Winsing’s first anime series targeted to Gen Z that emphasizes a hot-blooded story with a double heroine telling a fateful cross beyond belief. For those seeking laughter and heartwarming moments, Mongo is a dialogue-free 2D slapstick series showcasing the humorous tales of lovable pets in daily life. Finally, brace yourself for the high-octane excitement of Racing-Velocity City. This series embarks on a thrilling journey through the world of motorsports while highlighting the unbreakable bonds of friendship amid exhilarating races.

Winsing aims not only to secure distribution partners for its outstanding programs during the fair but also to forge deeper connections with brand and toy partners. The company is eager to explore lasting collaborations with animation media companies in the MENA region, focusing on brand development, distribution, and production.

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