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Loki Finale Ratings Improved

Date: 2023-11-15

Loki Finale Ratings Improved

The finale of Loki season 2 attracted viewership in accordance with the premiere, achieving consistent numbers throughout the season, stated Disney+. By: Dylan Low

According to the forecaster, the finale accumulated 11.2 million views globally in only three days after its Nov. 9 premiere. As the final episode spans 58 minutes, this converts to approximately 649.6 million minutes or around 10.83 million hours of watch time.

The view count is slightly higher compared to 10.9 million views for the season premiere in early October, according to Disney+. The show had a consistent run throughout the second season, as each episode obtained more than 11 million views in their first week after release. Loki also placed second among 2023 season finales on Disney+, ranking behind The Mandalorian’s season three finale.

Other third-party figures have shown the series has underperformed, in the United States, in comparison to the first season in 2021, which achieved the highest views for a Marvel streaming series on Disney+ to date. Nielsen states Loki had 446 million minutes of viewing in the United States for the week of the season premiere, increasing to 588 million minutes the following week. In 2021, the first two episodes from their first season obtained an average of 808.5 million minutes of viewership in the United States.

Loki is the first Marvel Disney+ series to have streaming for a second season. A sequel for the animated show What If … is set to premiere in December.

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