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Euphoria Producer Kevin Turen Passes Away at 44

Date: 2023-11-15

Euphoria Producer Kevin Turen Passes Away at 44

Kevin Turen, producer of Euphoria, The Idol and X, died over the last weekend. He was only 44 years of age and his cause of death is still yet to be known. By: Dylan Low

CEO of Penske Media Corporation Jay Penske was known to be a close friend of Turen’s and gave a statement on his passing.

“Despite his many achievements in Hollywood, Kevin’s greatest passion was his family and friends,” Penske stated. “He was so proud of his children. He and his wife, Evelina, were resolved that their children grow up with great values and ensured they make a difference in the broader world. Our collective heart breaks for them, and we all feel such a profound sense of loss. We will miss Kevin so much, and this town lost one of its brightest rising stars today.”

Turen is recognised for collaborating with Sam Levinson and Ashley Levinson, having created Little Lamb Productions together in 2018. One of their biggest projects is HBO’s Euphoria, the widely renowned drama series about a teen struggling with drug addiction, featuring popular actress Zendaya. Turen also produced another series The Idol, from the perspective of Sam Levinson, about a pop star who formed close relations with a cult leader. Turen additionally produced Levinson’s film Assassination Nation.

Other than working with Levinson, Turen also produced a few films for independent director Ti West, who wrote and directed the recent slasher film trilogy such as X, its prequel Pearl and the upcoming sequel MaXXXine. The film showcases Mia Goth, who portrays both Maxine and Pearl in the films. 

He has created other notable film titles, namely A24 drama Waves, Netflix show Pieces of a Woman, a meta-comedy The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent with Nicolas Cage and Pedro Pascal, The Birth of a Nation, 99 Homes and the adventure drama All Is Lost starring Robert Redford.

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