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Damou Entertainment Unveils Blockbuster Collaborations with HBO Asia and Catchplay

Date: 2023-11-16

Damou Entertainment Unveils Blockbuster Collaborations with HBO Asia and Catchplay

Taiwan Creative Content Fest witnesses the premiere of two groundbreaking drama series by Damou Entertainment in partnership with HBO Asia, PTS, and Catchplay, showcasing a star-studded cast and exploring diverse themes over multiple time periods. By: Wee Yan Ling

Renowned Taiwan’s Damou Entertainment is marking its decade-long journey by unveiling two spectacular original drama series in partnership with HBO Asia, Public Television Service (PTS) and Catchplay. The grand reveal was amidst the vibrant atmosphere of the ongoing Taiwan Creative Contest Fest (TCCF).

Fired Up! Is adapted from the hit Korean Kakao webtoon, Itaewon Class and it marks the third collaboration between Damou Entertainment with Warner Bros Discovery after The World Between Us and Workers, both of which won several awards at the Taiwan Golden Bell Awards.

Fired Up! weaves a compelling narrative around a young man’s unwavering determination to rescue his family’s eatery with the help of his friends. In the process, he seeks justice for his father’s tragic demise. The exemplary cast is spearheaded by popstar Eric Chou and complemented with talents such as Angela Yuen, Shao Yu-wei and Ben Wu. 

The series explores a myriad of themes spanning from public health, law, politics, and mental health. The story spans across three time periods and features a new cast of Vic Chou, Hsueh Shih-ling, Nikki Hsieh and Yang Kuei Mei. 

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