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Renowned French Film Critic, Michel Ciment Passes Away at 85

Date: 2023-11-16

Renowned French Film Critic, Michel Ciment Passes Away at 85

The global film community mourns the loss of Michel Ciment, revered French film critic and longtime editor of Positif film magazine, whose contributions to cinema spanned over five decades. By: Wee Yan Ling

Michel Ciment, highly respected French film critic and the esteemed editor of Positif film magazine passed away on Monday in Paris at the age of 85. 

Cannes and Venice, two of the world’s premier film festivals, paid their tributes to him following the news of his passing. Ciment’s multifaceted contributions and editorial leadership, his role as a producer and host of the acclaimed French radio program, “Projection privée” on France Culture has been acknowledged and recognised. He displayed passion for cinema and his ability to engage audiences with insightful discussions. 

Ciment had dedicated more than half a century to film criticism and was the face of the French radio show, "Le Masque et la Plume" on France Inter. He had shared his knowledge at the University of Paris-VII and shaped the discourse around cinema and nurtured future generations of film enthusiasts. 

Venice Film Festival, in its tribute, underscored Ciment's pivotal role in curating a retrospective and book in 1997 for the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement awarded to Stanley Kubrick. Describing Ciment as the most important scholar of Kubrick's work, the statement highlighted the depth of Ciment's impact on film scholarship and appreciation.

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