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Bradley Cooper From Novice to Virtuoso Conductor for Maestro

Date: 2023-11-17

Bradley Cooper From Novice to Virtuoso Conductor for Maestro

Bradley Cooper, celebrated actor-director-writer, has stunned audiences not only with his striking physical transformation into legendary conductor Leonard Bernstein for Maestro but also with the dedication he poured into preparing for a pivotal scene. By: Wee Yan Ling

Cooper shared that he had dedicated an astounding six years refining his conducting skills in order to be able to orchestrate for the music in the style of Bernstein, all for a live recording on the Maestro set.

The scene was created to showcase the legendary conducting of the London Symphony Orchestra at the Ely Cathedral in 1976. The moment was highly regarded and the sequence exhibited Bernstein’s musical flair and highlighted Cooper’s splendid performance in its full-bodied glory.

Cooper stated, “That scene I was so worried about because we did it live. That was the London Symphony Orchestra. I was recorded live. I had to conduct them. And I spent six years learning how to conduct six minutes and 21 seconds of music.”

Maestro will be made available in selected theatres from November 22 onwards and international viewers are able to view it on Netflix from the 20th of December. The film promises to enthral audiences with Cooper’s transformative portrayal and the meticulous attention to detail that went behind crafting the musical sequence. 

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