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John Cena to Host Roku’s What Drives You

Date: 2023-11-20

John Cena to Host Roku’s What Drives You

Hosted and produced by Cena on Roku Originals, What Drives You depicts Cena and his celebrity friends as they set out on a ride in the guests’ favourite vehicles. During the drive interviews, the guests will reflect on their memories of their special, interacting in both hilarious and closely intimate conversations. By: Dylan Low

“The car you drive and where you drive it can say a lot about who you are, from your personality type to what you value and prioritise,” Cena mentioned about the show. “What Drives You is all about tapping into this and each guest’s unique connection to their car, and a destination close to their heart, as the crux of a candid and wide-ranging conversation. It’s a great opportunity for me to ride shotgun and learn from some of the world’s most entertaining and inspiring individuals.”

The programme continues Cena’s connections with Roku Originals, having worked together in Die Hart 2: Die Harter and new documentary series such as WWE Superstars of Tomorrow which Cena will produce as well.

“We’re thrilled to partner with John Cena and Leftfield Pictures to bring our audience What Drives You, a talk series that converges John’s passions of cars, conversation and entertainment,” declared Brian Tannenbaum, head of originals at Roku Media. “John infuses extraordinary energy into every conversation he has, giving viewers an under-the-hood look into the lives of each guest.”

Leftfield Pictures from ITV America will be the production company of What Drives You. David George, Shawn Witt, Sean Moran, Jay Bienstock, Cena and Dan Baime are set to be the executive producers, while Sean Boyle takes charge of the series, representing Roku Originals.

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