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Granite Harbour to Premiere on BRITBOX and ACORN TV

Date: 2023-07-24

Granite Harbour to Premiere on BRITBOX and ACORN TV

British crime drama Granite Harbour is set to premiere on BRITBOX in the US and Canada, and ACORN TV in Australia and New Zealand.

Stockholm - The series, produced by LA Productions in association with Dopamine, originally launched on BBC1 and BBC Scotland in December of the previous year, receiving a positive response from UK audiences.

Lucy Roberts, Director of Sales at International Distributor Eccho Rights, expressed excitement about the new developments, stating, "We are thrilled that BRITBOX and ACORN TV have picked up Granite Harbour. Viewers in the UK loved this fish out of water story and we can't wait to share it with audiences in North America, Australia, and New Zealand."

Granite Harbour is a British drama series consisting of either three episodes of 60 minutes each or two episodes of 90 minutes. The storyline revolves around Davis Lindo, an ex-RMP officer who arrives in Aberdeen to train as a detective under the DUO Commonality Scheme. On his first day on the job, he is confronted with a high-profile murder case, throwing him into the deep end. As the investigation progresses, Davis's unconventional methods isolate him from his colleagues. Despite this, he seizes an opportunity to rectify a past mistake and save a life that echoes his own.

BRITBOX is scheduled to premiere Granite Harbour this August, catering to audiences in the US and Canada. Meanwhile, ACORN TV plans to air the drama in Australia and New Zealand during the autumn season. The series' success in the UK has generated anticipation among international viewers eagerly awaiting its release on these streaming platforms.

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