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From YouTube Sensations to Horror Film Directors

Date: 2023-07-20

From YouTube Sensations to Horror Film Directors

Danny and Michael Philippou, known for their wildly popular YouTube channel RackaRacka, have made a splash in the film industry as the twin directors of the highly anticipated supernatural horror-thriller Talk to Me.

Talk to Me emerged as a breakout discovery at the Sundance Film Festival, captivating audiences with its unique blend of supernatural elements and social media-driven horror. The film follows bored suburban teens who document demonic possessions and spirit conjuring on social media platforms for entertainment. The Philippou twins co-directed the movie, showcasing their filmmaking skills beyond their popular YouTube content.

After the film's premiere at Sundance, the Philippou brothers garnered significant attention from agents, producers, and production executives. Offers poured in from renowned studios and production companies, including Monkeypaw Productions and Blumhouse. The brothers found themselves at the centre of a bidding war, with major distribution companies vying for the rights to release the film. Eventually, they joined forces with A24, a prominent art-house distributor, to bring Talk to Me to theatres.

While their overnight success may seem unprecedented, the Philippou twins' journey began in their childhood. They started experimenting with filmmaking at the age of 8, filming scenes of backyard wrestling and homemade horror with their neighbourhood friends. Over time, their YouTube channel, RackaRacka, gained a massive following of 6.74 million subscribers.

Through persistence, the brothers honed their craft, mastering visual effects, sound design, colour correction, and cinematography. Their YouTube success caught the attention of American late-night talk shows and led to collaborations with renowned filmmakers like Jennifer Kent on The Babadook. These experiences shaped their unique artistic vision and dedication to their craft.

As they embark on their filmmaking careers, the Philippou twins remain grounded and committed to their YouTube fanbase. They recognize the importance of their online community and have no intentions of abandoning their digital presence. With Talk to Me poised for release, the brothers have already set their sights on future projects, including potential sequels and an action film.

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