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Sky Stream Launches in Ireland

Date: 2023-07-21

Sky Stream Launches in Ireland

The innovative service allows customers to access a wide array of content through streaming, without the need for a traditional TV dish.

Ireland - Sky Stream joins the ranks of Sky's TV product family, boasting the same smart user interface found in Sky Glass. The streaming platform comes with an assortment of exciting features, including genre categories and the ability to Restart live TV. Additionally, viewers can create personalised playlists with their favourite shows and explore new content with intelligent recommendations.

The flexible plan for Sky Stream is attractively priced at €35 per month, and customers have the freedom to cancel it anytime. Those opting for a 12-month minimum term can enjoy an even lower price of €30 per month. Both plans include a fantastic selection of offerings, such as Sky Ultimate TV & Netflix, with the option to add on packs and services like Sky Cinema, Sky Sports, Sports Extra, and UHD & Dolby Atmos.

JD Buckley, CEO of Sky Ireland, expressed his enthusiasm for the launch of Sky Stream, highlighting how it transforms the way customers can access their favourite shows and apps. The process is simple: order the Sky Stream puck, receive it the next day, and plug it into any TV to unlock the full Sky experience. There's no need for a satellite dish or installation.

Sky Stream is equipped with the Sky Entertainment OS, ensuring viewers experience the highest standard in viewing and user experience, with titles like SuccessionDreamland or Stranger Things available. This launch comes less than a year after the successful debut of Sky Glass in Ireland. With both Sky Glass and Sky Stream, Sky is making its exceptional content accessible to even more viewers, transcending the limitations of traditional satellite-based services.

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